Additional Detailing Services

Below you will see a list of some additional services we offer that you can add onto any of our services. Please contact us if you would like to add any of the following services!

Window Film

We provide window tinting services for all types of situations. We use the highest quality tint available, and have access to every shade. Everything from cars to boats, and even houses too!

Carpet/Seat Extraction (Deep Stain Removal)

Up to an additional $80 on our Premier level and above details

This is an additional step in carpet and upholstery cleaning that may need to be included depending on the condition of the vehicle and expectations.

Headlight Restoration- $120

This service is for headlights that are very oxidized and yellowing. This is a delicate process that removes the layers of broken down plastics from years of UV damage.

  • Tape off affected areas
  • Wet sand
  • Polish out lenses
  • Protect with PPF or Ceramic Coating

Engine Bay Detail- $50

This is a great additional service for a customer looking to show off their well maintained engine bay. Statistically this is also a very good service to have done before you sell or trade in your vehicle, it shows that it was well cared for during your ownership!

  • Rinse engine bay
  • Degrease/ detail
  • Blow dry
  • Dress plastics

GlassParency Application

$50 for windshield – $145 for full vehicle

GlassParency is a product that is often put on at high-end dealerships before a vehicle is sold. The best way to describe this product is it’s like Rain-X on steroids. When professionally installed it comes with a 3 year warranty. It makes your glass ultra hydrophobic and makes it significantly easier to see in the elements as well as it tends to stay clean for longer.

  • Properly prep glass
  • Install coating

Trim Restoration- Pricing Varies

We’ve all seen aged trim on vehicles, it is quite an eye sore. We offer multiple different solutions to combat this issue. Contact us to learn more!